Build Your Big Network - Your Edge Demo

Build Your Big Network - Your Edge Demo


Big Network offers Edge Lite and Edge Pro trial hardware to prospective customers, free of charge, in exchange for product feedback (called a "Demo"). If you are interested in participating the program, please see the terms and conditions below, as well as the process for signing up.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Eligible participants include prospective customers of Big Network (the "Demo Account Holder"). Big Networks retains the right to refuse participation in the program to anyone at any time for any reason.
  2. Big Network will provide will provide 1x Business plan plus 2x Edge Lite (or other agreed hardware) to the Demo Account Holder free of charge for a period of 2 months.
  3. At the expiration of 2 months, the Demo Account Holder may: a) Return Edge Lite / Edge Pro Hardware to Big Network and close their account; or b) continue to use Big Network at current list prices available on the Big Network website.
  4. The Demo Account Holder may be responsible for shipping and handling fees for Edge Lite and Edge Pro at Big Network's discretion.
  5. The Demo Account Holder agrees to provide information about their use case for Big Network to Big Network upon request.
  6. The Demo is provided "as is" with no warranty or liability by Big Network.

Sign Up Process

To participate in the program, please complete the following steps:
  1. Navigate to to create a user account. Provide your email address and create a password.
  2. Confirm your account via the activation link sent by email. Now, login to the account.
  3. Create a new Organization, using the Organization Creation Wizard. You will need to provide:
    1. Organization Name
    2. Contact Information
    3. Service Package: Select "Core" - there will be no charge as part of a Demo Program.
    4. Provide Billing Information, including Credit Card (Big Network places a credit card on file as an anti-abuse measure).
    5. Create the Organization
  4. Navigate to the Portal's Help Center, and use the "Order Big Edge Hardware" tile to place an order for Edge Lite and Edge Pro Hardare. Enter "Demo of Hardware" in the description field.
Once you have ordered your Edge Lite or Edge Pro, you can follow our Edge Lite On-Boarding Guide for next steps: or our Edge Pro On-Boarding Guide
Big Network staff will confirm your Edge Lite order via email, and will ship the unit typically within 48 hours. Once you receive your Edge Lite and/or Edge Pro, on-board it using the guide above.

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