Edge Lite On-Boarding Guide

Edge Lite On-Boarding Guide


This guide is designed to assist with the Edge Lite on-boarding process.


  • Device Model: Edge Lite
  • Facility Requirements: Available Internet access service with DHCP WAN addressing (see below for Static WAN IP)
  • Existing Big Network Account
  • Existing LAN with IP range

Deployment Planning: Device Placement, Connection, and Power Up

  • Place the Big Network Edge Lite in a secure location with sufficient ventilation. 
  • The Big Network Edge Lite requires the following connections:
    • AC Power
    • A single WAN Internet connection; connect to WAN (Port 3) RJ-45.
    • A single LAN connection(s); connect to LAN (Port 1 or 2) RJ-45.
  • Proceed to the next step when the Edge Lite is connected to WAN and powered up; the "SYS" light will be SOLID GREEN once fully booted and able to reach Big Network's management system.
NOTE: The Edge Lite includes a built in DHCP server by default. Do not plug in the LAN port to an existing network using DHCP until after on-boarding and your DHCP configuration adjusted accordingly.

Step #1: On-Board the Edge Lite to your Big Network Account

Begin the Edge Lite on-boarding process by linking your Edge Lite to your organization. 
  • Sign in to https://portal.bignetwork.com with your credentials.
  • Select your organization.
  • Navigate to “Edge Devices”
  • Click “Add Device”
  • Enter your Device ID and PIN from the Label on your device.
  • Click “Confirm”
  • The device will transition to “Onboarding” then “Online” status.
  • The Edge Lite will apply configuration and updates automatically once online.

Step #2: Define a Cloud Network

Your next step is to create a “Cloud Network”. A Cloud Network is a collection of devices that share a common Layer 2 network. Devices joined to a Cloud Network have complete access to each other. Communication between devices via a Cloud Network is completely secured using encryption. 

  • Navigate to Cloud Networks
  • Click on “Create Network”; a wizard will appear to collect details about your Cloud Network.
  • Provide a Name and Description for your Cloud Network
  • Click “Next”
  • Define an IP Address Pool - An IP Address Pool is used by a Cloud Network to assign IP addresses to devices as they join the Cloud Network. By default, Big Network automatically assigns an RFC1918-compatible address pool. Carefully select this range given the physical ports you connect to on Edge Lit For our example LAN, pick an unused range of IP addresses from
  • You may change the network address and range if desired.
  • Click “Next”
  • Define access to the Cloud Network - Existing users may be granted access to the Cloud Network, or you may invite users to join by email address.
  • Click “Next”
  • Now finalize
  • To proceed, click “Create”
  • Your Organization is created.
  • To proceed, click “Network”
  • With a Cloud Network defined, you can link Users with Big Apps and real-world network ports with Edge Lite.

Step #3: Bridge Cloud Network to Edge Lite LAN Port

Connecting physical ports on your Edge Lite to Cloud Networks create the final “gateway” connection needed to extend your physical network to a Cloud Network. 

  • Navigate to “Edge Devices”
  • Select “Configure” next to the Edge Lite you on-boarded in Step #1.
  • Select “Networks” to see configured Networks on the Edge Lite.
  • Select “Edit Config”
  • Select “Create Local Network”
    • Provide the Network a Name.
    • Click “Confirm”
  • Expand the newly created network; select “Connection”
  • In “Connected Cloud Network” select the Cloud Network you defined in Step #2.
  • In “Connected LAN Interfaces” select the physical LAN port.
  • Click “Validate” to validate the configuration.
  • Click the “Pending Changes” gear to review configuration changes.
  • Click “Apply” to Apply the configuration changes.
  • Click “Back”.
  • Click “Config History” to observe the configuration being applied to Edge Lite. When the new configuration’s checkbox turns from Blue to Green, you know the new configuration is applied.

Step #4: Use Big Apps

Once your Cloud Network is defined, you will need to download and install Big Network’s Apps to join your Cloud Networks. 

Step #5: Get to Work

Once you have joined a Cloud Network, you can now access resources available across the network as though you were on the same Local Area Network (LAN). For example, if your Cloud Network address space is, you can access a web server connected to your Edge Lite by going to from any other device connected to the cloud network.

Troubleshooting On-Boarding: Edge Dashboard

By default, the Edge Lite comes bundled with a built in DHCP server, Internet Breakout, and Cloud Dashboard functionality. Clients connected to the LAN port will be served DHCP from the range with a default gateway at By default, clients with a valid DHCP lease should be able to reach the Internet if the Edge Lite can reach the Internet via its WAN port.
Additionally, there is an Edge Dashboard available at The "Connected to WAN" indicator will be checked if Edge Lite can reach and indicating functional internet access.
The most common reason for On-Boarding failures is lack of internet access at Edge Lite. It is important to wait 2-5 minutes for Edge Lite to boot initially (typically 1 minute after the "SYS" light is blinking in a steady pattern). The most definitive way to tell Edge Lite is ready to on-board is to use this Edge Dashboard to confirm "Connected to WAN."

Optional: Static WAN IP Instructions

If your WAN IP addresses are not provided via DHCP, you will need to connect a computer to the Edge Lite to configure static WAN IP addresses prior to on-boarding your device.
  • On initial config connect a computer via an Ethernet RJ-45 cable to ports #2-6 on the Edge.
  • Configure the computer to obtain addressing via DHCP.
  • Navigate to (Review your DHCP’d lease for appropriate subnet; webserver at X.Y.X.2)
  • Find appropriate GigabitEthernet or TenGigabitEthernet interface for use; if the interface is connected with ethernet link, a “Link” checkmark will appear.
  • Click the Pen Icon to edit the interface.
  • Change IPv4 configuration from “Automatic” to “Static”
  • Fill in IPv4 Address, IPv4 Mask, IPv4 Gateway, Primary IPv4 DNS and Secondary IPv4 DNS.
  • Click “Save”
  • Wait for the device to move the “Connected to Management Network” state.

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