What does "Manage WAN Priority" control?

What does "Manage WAN Priority" control?

Manage WAN Priority is used to create an ordered list of WAN interfaces to be used in priority order by our Local Breakout function on the Big Edge devices.

For example, if you have 3x ISPs connected to an Edge Pro, you can set the priority as an ordered list for Local Breakout. More specifically:

  1. ISP #A is a symmetric fiber connection at 1000 Mbps.
  2. ISP #B is an asymteric DSL line at 50/15Mbps.
  3. ISP #C is an asymetric cable modem at 1000/50Mbps.
Solely based upon network speed, you may want to set WAN priority as:
  1. ISP #A - biggest pipe in both directions.
  2. ISP #C - biggest download pipe if ISP #A fails.
  3. ISP #B - path of last resort if ISP #A and ISP #C both fail.
NOTE: Cloud Network paths will auto-balance across all available WAN connections.

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