Upstream ISP Requirements for Big Network Edge Devices

Upstream ISP Requirements for Big Network Edge Devices


This article describes the upstream ISP requirements when using Big Network Edge Devices.

IPv4 and IPv6 Connectivity

  1. Upstream connections must provide IPv4 or IPv6 connectivity.
  2. WAN side IP addresses may be statically defined or provided by an upstream DHCP service.
    1. Note: Edge Virtual configuration is simplified through the use of an upstream DHCP service.
  3. Upstream connectivity must allow outbound ICMP traffic to (Cloudflare DNS) and (Google DNS) for network availability monitoring purposes.
  4. Upstream connectivity must allow for outbound ICMP, TCP and UDP communication.

Bandwidth Considerations

  1. When using Cloud Networks, the upstream connections must support the amount of tunneled traffic via the Cloud Network, plus 15% for encryption and tunneling overhead.

MTU Considerations

  1. Upstream networks must support an IPv4 MTU of at least 1460 bytes (1432 bytes for cloud network payloads including encryption and tunneling, 8 bytes for UDP, and 20 bytes for IPv4). Upstream networks that drop packets greater than 1460 bytes in size may discard large packets tunneled over a Cloud Network silently.

Upstream SD-WAN Devices

  1. SD-WAN devices deployed upstream from a Big Network Edge device are not supported and will lead to unpredictable behavior. We highly recommend that Big Network Edge Devices are deployed at your most northbound network border, alongside, and not behind any SD-WAN devices.

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