Troubleshooting Edge Lite - My Device shows Offline

Troubleshooting Edge Lite - My Device shows Offline

Troubleshooting Guide

If your Edge Lite shows as offline, please execute the following debugging steps:

Inspect the Device

Please check power connections to the Edge Lite. Edge Lite is powered via a high power USB-C power supply. Please ensure the power supply is connected to AC power and that the USB-C connector is firmly seated.

Edge Lite should show 2x LEDs:
  1. PWR LED: Should be solid RED
    1. If not, please contact for further assistance.
  2. SYS LED: Should be solid GREEN
    1. If the LED is solid GREEN, but the device shows offline, please reboot your Edge Lite: Unplug the power cord for 30 seconds and plug back in. The SYS LED will go solid green after following the bootup sequence (for versions v2021112 and higher, see
    2. If the SYS LED is blinking GREEN, this indicates a WAN network problem. Continue troubleshooting below.
    3. If the SYS LEG never blinks GREEN or becomes solid GREEN, please contact for further assistance.

Check Internet Connectivity

Edge Lite needs Internet Connectivity to work:
  1. If the device is configured for DHCP on the WAN port, test with a computer to ensure that DHCP is working, and that ICMP ping to and works. 
  2. If the device is configured for Static WAN, disconnect the device, and test with a computer to ensure that the Static IP assignment also works, and that ICMP ping to and works. 
  3. Ensure that MAC address filtering, Network Admission Control (NAC), or 802.1X authentication is not required in your WAN network.
  4. DO NOT CONNECT Edge Lite's LAN port in a default state to a network using DHCP. This will create a DHCP server conflict.
Big Network uses ICMP ping test probes to and for connectivity monitoring.

Use Edge Dashboard

Edge Lite (by default) has an Edge Dashboard located at for debugging purposes.

For an on-boarded device, the top of the Edge Dashboard should show 3x checked boxes:
  1. Connected to WAN: Means that ICMP reachability testing to and is functional.
  2. Connected to Management Network: Means that the Edge Lite is able to connect to Big Network's Cloud Orchestration Platform.
  3. Onboarded: Means that the Edge Lite is on-boarded to an organization and able to join Cloud Networks.

Factory Default and Verify Connectivity

If none of the above steps resolve the problem, use the Edge Dashboard to Factory Default the device.
When in Factory Default mode:
  1. The WAN port will be a DHCP client.
  2. The LAN port will be a DHCP server. Addresses in the range will be offered to clients.
  3. The Edge Dashboard will be available at
  4. The Edge Lite will offer NAT translation from the LAN network to the WAN.
If you decide to factory default the device, it will need to be re-onboarded to its organization.

Contact Support

If this troubleshooting guide does not help to resolve the problem, please contact