How can I factory default my Big Edge Device?

How can I factory default my Big Edge Device?

If you need to Factory Default your Big Edge device, you have two options:
  1. Use the Edge Dashboard to Factory Default the device (button top right).
  2. For Edge Pro running NodeOS Version 2021135 or higher, use the following power button sequence:
    1. If the Edge Pro has been booted up for more than 15 minutes (900 seconds), remove power and re-apply power. Otherwise, proceed:
      1. Hold power toggle for 3 seconds; release for 5 seconds; hold power toggle for 3 seconds.
      2. Edge Pro will reboot and load a factory default configuration.
When in Factory Default mode:
  1. The WAN port will be a DHCP client.
  2. The LAN port will be a DHCP server. Addresses in the range will be offered to clients.
  3. The Edge Dashboard will be available at
  4. The Edge Lite will offer NAT translation from the LAN network to the WAN.
If you decide to factory default the device, it will need to be re-onboarded to its organization.

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