Headless Linux Client (bn-cli) Explained

Headless Linux Client (bn-cli) Explained


Big Network makes a headless linux client, named "bn-cli", available for linux server environments. bn-cli is used in cases where interactive login via our SSO platform may not be viable for use.


To use the headless linux client, you must be using a Business or Enterprise Platform Edition. Navigate to Portal -> Organization -> Billing -> Servicer Plan Overview to view your edition.

To view available licenses for use with the headless linux client, navigate to Portal -> Cloud Networks; review your Edge Node Licenses at the top of the page.

Download and Installation

You can download our Headless Linux Client from our portal download center (https://portal.bignetwork.com/) under the "other downloads" section. This client is packaged as both .rpm and .deb files for both ARM and AMD64 architectures. To use this client, install using your preferred package manager. 

Joining Cloud Networks with bn-cli

To join a cloud network, use the following command: 'bn-cli join $networkid" where $networkid is the Network ID taken from the properties of your Cloud Networks.

When you initially join a cloud network in this manner, the client will be denied access. You will need to manually allow the device to join the network in the portal. Navigate to your cloud network, tick the allow checkbox for the instance in question, and apply network changes. "bn-cli" will automatically join the Cloud Network once permitted.

NOTE: You must have available "Edge Node" licenses in your organization to join cloud networks in this manner. Your organization MUST be on a Business or Enterprise Plan. Edge Node is not supported in the Core Plan.

Leaving Cloud Networks with bn-cli

You can leave a cloud network with the command: 'bn-cli leave $networkid".

Other Useful Commands

  1. To view the client status, use "bn-cli info"
  2. To view networks joined by the client, use "bn-cli listnetworks"
  3. For debugging connectivity, use "bn-cli peers"

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