Getting Started: Adding Users to your Cloud Networks

Getting Started: Adding Users to your Cloud Networks


Once you have gotten started with Big Network, you will likely want to configure addition users to access your Cloud Networks. This is a natural place to take advantage of Role Based Access Control (RBAC) within Big Network's portal. Using RBAC can help you define groups with users, permissions, and access to Cloud Networks that describe and enforce policy associated with your network design.


Roles are used to group together resources, actions, and a scope with set of users. Resource types include: ROLE, USER, NETWORK, DEVICE. Actions are specific to the resource type. Scope is set according to the resource type. Configure roles by navigating to "Access Control -> Roles" in the Big Network Portal.
  1. Resource Type: Role
    1. The Role resource type is used to XXX.
    2. Actions include: Read
      1. Read is used to YYY.
  2. Resource Type: User
    1. The Role resource type is used to XXX.
    2. Actions include: Read
      1. Read is used to YYY.
  3. Resource Type: Network
    1. The Network resource type is used to control access to Cloud Networks.
    2. Actions include: Create, Read, Update, Delete, Join/Leave, Autojoin
      1. Create - Create new Cloud Networks
      2. Read - View Cloud Networks
      3. Update - Change Cloud Network parameters
      4. Delete - Delete Cloud Networks
      5. Join / Leave - Connect to a Cloud Network with Big Apps
      6. Autojoin - Connect to a Cloud Network with Big Apps automatically; when the App is enabled with AUTOJOIN
    3. Scope: The scope can be set to include all Cloud Networks, or only specific Cloud Networks.
  4. Resource Type: Device
    1. The Device resource type is used to control Edge Devices.
    2. Actions include: Create, Read, Update, Delete
      1. Create - Onboard new Edge Devices
      2. Read - View Edge Devices
      3. Update - Modify Edge Device configuration
      4. Delete - Offboard Edge Devices
    3. Scope: The scope can be set to include all Edge Devices, or only specific Edge Devices.
Finally, roles can be configured for "auto-assign" in the organization, meaning that they will automatically be applied to new users invited to the organization.

Inviting Users

With roles configured, the next step is to invite users to your organization. There are different workflows for existing users and new users in the system. Configure Users by navigating to "Access Control -> Users" in the Big Network Portal.

Inviting Existing Users to a Big Network Organization

To invite a user to your Organization, simply click "Invite User" and enter the email address of the user you wish to invite. Once invited, you can use the "Details" button for the user to assign Roles or individual network access permission. Users with an existing Big Network account will be prompted to join Accept or Decline the invitation in their Portal Account Organization screen or in the "Status" tab of their Big App.

Figure 1: Pending Invitation in the Portal

Figure 2: Pending invitation in the Big App

Once the user accepts the invitation in the Portal or App, the user profile will show as accepted in the Organization, and the user can join/leave Cloud Networks.

Inviting New Users to a Big Network Organization

New users invited to an organization will be required to follow Big Network's account registration process. New users will receive an email from "" with the subject line "Welcome to BigNetwork". User's will need to set a password, verify their email address, and accept terms and conditions. Once completed, they can accept the invitation from your organization.

Other Helpful Links

  1. Register for an Account:
  2. Activate an Account:
  3. Reset Password:

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