Edge Lite: LED Behavior

Edge Lite: LED Behavior

The Edge Lite features the following LED behavior:

System LEDs - Top of Unit:
  1. PWR: The PWR LED indicates that power is applied to the unit. It should be solid RED.
  2. SYS: The SYS LED has the following behavior:
    1. During Boot: The LED will intermittently blink during power on self test (POST) and once NodeOS is booted. There is a period of time between POST and NodeOS booting, where the LED will be off. This is normal and expected. It takes about 2 minutes for NodeOS to boot.
    2. During Operation: Once NodeOS is booted AND the device is able to reach Cloud Networks, the SYS LED will become steady green.
  3. LAN: Not in use
  4. WAN: Not in use
Ethernet Port LEDs - Side of Unit:
  1. Left LED: Link State
  2. Right LED: Link Activity

NOTE: Behavior above is available in NodeOS 2021112 or higher.

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