Edge Devices: Automatic Configuration Rollback

Edge Devices: Automatic Configuration Rollback


Edge Pro, Edge Lite, and Edge Virtual devices are outfitted with Automatic Configuration Rollback mechanisms. These mechanisms are designed to safeguard the availability of these devices from un-intended configuration consequences.

Automatic Configuration Rollback is initiated upon every configuration deploy. The Automatic Configuration Rollback mechanism provides a watchguard over configuration deployment, and should it detect a loss of connectivity to the Big Network Orchestrator (e.g. Portal / API Services), it will automatically roll back to the last known working configuration.

Potential Causes of Automatic Configuration Rollback

  1. Breaking change to your WAN configuration: For example, should you introduce a breaking change to your WAN configuration, affecting all WAN ports, the deploy will occur and then automatically roll back.
    1. This is more common with Edge Lite devices than others, because it has a single WAN port. For example, if you are changing your WAN configuration from DHCP to Static IP on a different subnet, Automatic Configuration Rollback will always kick in, because such a change will always break WAN connectivity.
      1. The common work around to this scenario is to back up your device configuration, offboard the Edge Lite, use the Edge Dashboard to configure WAN connectivity, and re-onboard / restore your configuration.
  2. Introducing an Internet Breakout Service which conflicts with your WAN default gateway: If you use Edge Devices for remote access to LAN, where your WAN address comes from that LAN, introducing the Internet Breakout Service to the LAN side on the same IP address as the LAN's default gateway will cause Automatic Configuration Rollback to occur, as the WAN connectivity is interrupted.

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