Can I use Big Network in place of an SD-WAN?

Can I use Big Network in place of an SD-WAN?

Most definitely!  Big Network has many inherent functions and SD-WAN is definitely one.  When you use Big Network hardware and have multiple internet connections, you automatically gain the resiliency of multi path / cloud-internet access.
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    • What devices can I use with Big Network?

      Technically, anything connected to a network.  We do have various options depending on if you want to connect end user devices or entire locations. Big Network Apps are supported on macOS, Linux and  Windows based computers and servers as well as IoS ...
    • Do I need to be a CCNA or a Network Engineer to use Big Network?

      Absolutely not.  We created Big Network so anyone or any company could setup and manage their own networks with no networking knowledge required.  With simple, secure software we aim to demystify an industry and make private networks and the benefits ...
    • What does "Manage WAN Priority" control?

      Manage WAN Priority is used to create an ordered list of WAN interfaces to be used in priority order by our Local Breakout function on the Big Edge devices. For example, if you have 3x ISPs connected to an Edge Pro, you can set the priority as an ...
    • What can I replace when using Big Network?

      The sky’s the limit!  Our customers have gotten very creative, but at the core, Big Network replaces VPN, SDWAN, Virtual Overlay Networks, Proxy…
    • How secure is Big Network?

      Security is the foundation of our product.  Taking a Zero Trust model, we only use the latest AES ECC encryption for all communication.