Big Edge: Local Services

Big Edge: Local Services


Big Network's Edge Pro and Edge Lite devices feature the ability to host "Local Services" which are virtual network functions (VNFs) natively available on our devices.

Local Services include:
  1. Local Breakout
  2. Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol v4 (DHCPv4)
  3. Edge Dashboard
Local Services configuration is a property of the "Networks" definition, and specifically of a network itself. You can mix and match available Local Services on a per Edge per Network basis.

Local Breakout

Local Breakout acts as your internet facing router or gateway by implementing Network Address Translation (NAT).

Local Breakout will NAT egress traffic to your WAN connections by priority defined by your WAN Priorities (Edge Interfaces Tab). This is a cascading table of next preferred connections.

Example: Egress NAT traffic will attempt to use "port1" first, if the WAN is "Alive"; if not alive, then use "port2" if "Alive"; then "sfp1" if "Alive".

Local Breakout allows you to configure:
  1. IP Address: IP Address of the Service
  2. More Settings:
    1. Static NAT Mappings from WAN to Network
      1. External Interface: External WAN Interface for the Mapping
      2. External Port: Port Number to be Forwarded
      3. Internal IP: IP Address on Network to forward packets to.
      4. Internal Port: Port Number on Network to forward packets to.
      5. Protocol: TCP or UDP

Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol - DHCPv4

DHCPv4 implements a Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCPv4) server on the Edge. This service provides IP configuration to DHCP clients attached to the Network. To configure DHCPv4 service, configure the following parameters:
  1. From Address: Start of the DHCP Pool
  2. To Address: End of the DHCP Pool
  3. More Settings:
    1. Service IP: The IP address which will respond DHCP requests.
    2. Gateway IP: The default gateway DHCP option to be handed to clients.
    3. Default Lease Time: Default Lease Time in Seconds.
    4. Max Lease Time: Max Lease Time in Seconds.
    5. DNS Servers: Ordered list of IPv4 addresses of Recursive DNS servers to be handed to clients.

NOTE: The DHCP service does not hand out addresses to your Big Apps clients - these are defined by the IP Pool in a Cloud Network.

Edge Dashboard

Edge Dashboard enables a built-in webserver to the Edge Lite or Edge Pro. Here you can check your configuration history, perform a factory reset, or reboot your Edge device. You can also see important information such as if your Edge has been onboarded or connected to the management network.

Configure the Edge Dashboard with the following parameters:
  1. IP Address: The Local IP address to host the Edge Dashboard Port (can overlap with DHCP service address)
  2. Port: The TCP port for the HTTP server (defaults to TCP/80).
  3. Read-Only: Setting this option will prevent any updates from being made by the Dashboard.

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