Account Registration and Create your First Cloud Network

Account Registration and Create your First Cloud Network


The purpose of this guide is to walk you through the process of getting started with Big Network. In this document, we will describe how to register for an account, create an organization, configure a Cloud Network, and download Big Apps so you can join your Cloud Network.

This document is designed for IT professionals with a background in network administration.

Account Registration

To get started with Big Network, you need to create an account administrator who can create organizations, cloud networks, and users via our Web Portal. Follow the steps below to register your administrator account.

Step 1: Register for an Account

  • Go to to begin the registration process.

  • Enter your email address, choose a password, and confirm your password.

  • Agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

  • Upon submission, a confirmation email will be sent to the email address you provided.

Step 2: Confirm your Account

  • Check your email for a registration confirmation link.

  • Use the “Verify your Email” link to confirm.

Step 3: Login to Big Network

  • If your email is confirmed, you will be prompted to login to Big Network, using your email address and password provided.

Create your Organization

An Organization is a common collection of Cloud Networks, Users, and Policies at Big Network.

Step 1: Create an Organization

  • Click on “Create Organization”; a wizard will appear to collect details about your organization:
    • Organization Name: A name for your organization.
    • Details for a Primary Point of Contact.

    • Click “Next”

  • Provide Billing Information:

    • Select “Company” or “Person”

    • Fill in the Required Fields

    • Select an Anniversary Date to be Invoiced

    • Click “Next”

  • Select a Service Package

    • For our 30 day trial account, with 5 devices included, select the “Starter Pack”

    • Click “Next”

  • Provide Payment Information:

    • Provide your Credit Card details

    • Click “Next”

  • Finalize

    • To proceed, click “Create”

    • Your Organization is created.

    • To proceed, click “Organization”

Configure your Cloud Network

With an Organization created, your next step is to create a “Cloud Network”. A Cloud Network is a collection of devices that share a common Layer 2 network. Devices joined to a Cloud Network have complete access to each other. Communication between devices via a Cloud Network is completely secured using encryption. 

Step 1: Create a Cloud Network

Click on “Create Network”; a wizard will appear to collect details about your Cloud Network.
  • Provide a Name and Description for your Cloud Network

  • Click “Next”

Step 2: Define an IP Address Pool

An IP Address Pool is used by a Cloud Network to assign IP addresses to devices as they join the Cloud Network. By default, Big Network automatically assigns an RFC1918-compatible address pool. 
  • You may change the network address and range if desired.

  • Click “Next”

Step 3: Define access to the Cloud Network

Existing users may be granted access to the Cloud Network, or you may invite users to join by email address.
  • Add Users as desired

  • Click “Next”

Step 4: Finalize

  • To proceed, click “Create”
  • Your Organization is created.
  • To proceed, click “Network”

Download Big Apps and Join Cloud Networks

Once your Cloud Network is defined, you will need to download and install Big Network’s Apps to join your Cloud Networks. 

  1. Download Big Apps from:
  1. Install the application as directed.
  1. Once installed, login using your username and password from the Registration step.
  1. Join Cloud Networks.

Get to Work

Once you have joined a Cloud Network, you can now access resources available across the network as though you were on the same Local Area Network (LAN). For example, if your Cloud Network address space is and your laptop now has IP address, you can access a web server by going to from any other device connected to the cloud network.

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